eCAN Composite Analysis V1.0 - product description
Modern materials require modern analysis methods - that's what we are giving you here.
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System requirements:
Processor: Pentium 4 or better.
OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The program has not been tested with earlier versions ofWindows.
Please note: the program does not run on 16-bit versions of Windows.
eCAN V1.0 is a general application composite material program for analysis of composite plates.
Program description:
- quick data setup and analysis.
- composite layup input as you would write it.
- output in rich text format which can be opened by all of your favourite word proccessors.
- any consistent set of units can be used.
- sample typical material file supplied.
- detailed Help system.

Point stress analysis.

- plate loads and moments (running loads)
- constraints applied to the laminate (for example, laminate to remain flat which is useful for sandwich face sheets)
- enforced strains and curvatures 
- thermal loads, both constant and through thickness variation
- maximum strain, maximum stress and Hoffman failure crieria.
- interlaminar shear stresses and failure
- laminate stiffness output option.
- mid ply and/or ply top and bottom surface output option.
- global material angle offset
- MS (Margin of Safety) or RF (Reserve Factor) output

Buckling analysis.

- buckling analysis for in plane direct and shear loads for a flat rectangular plate
- simply supported boundary conditions
- solution includes adjustment to match empirical results
- control over the number of terms used in the solution
- output of buckling loads for Fx, Fy and Fxy
- buckling ratio calculated based on interaction of direct and shear loads

There are no known limitations imposed by the program itself. The only limitation would be the amount of memory available.
Current capabilities are as follows:
          -point stress analysis
          -buckling of flat rectangular composite plates
Program features:
Program limitations:
Example screenshot - point stress analysis form
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