Frame Analysis V1.0 - product description
System requirements:
Processor: Pentium 4 or better.
OS: Windows ME, 200, XP, Vista or Windows 7. The program was not tested with Windows 98.
Please note: the program does not run on 16-bit versions of Windows.
EngiCalc Frame Analysis V1.0 is a general application FEM program for modeling and analysis of 2D frames.
Modeling of the structure is achieved via Graphical User Inteface (GUI) - by drawing elements on the screen and editing as required.
Complex frame analysis and printed report - all under 5 minutes ? Impossible ? Then why don't you try and find out what Frame Analysis program can do...
Program description:
-quick and efficient modeling of the structure
-99% of functionality achieved with mouse clicking only
-graphical modeling of structure using GUI and/or data entry objects
-element and nodes can also be created using manual (numerical) input
-automatic renumbering of nodes and elements if required
-elements can be automatically subdivided - preserving the applied distributed loads and end release conditions
-various sections and materials can be created and stored in Database

-any unit system can be used - and it can be changed "on the fly", without the need to change anything in the model
-nodes, elements, materials or sections can be each created in different unit systems - and used together with automatic unit translation

-point loads (forces) applied directly to nodes
-distributed loads applied to elements, with linear distribution between the ends of elements
-various types of constraints/supports can be applied (hinge, fixed or roller)
-enforced displacements can be applied to nodes
-enforced displacements can be applied to supports - which allows for analysis of misaligned assemblies
-linear and rotational springs can be added at any node to vary the stiffness of constraints
-end release of Degrees of Freedom at the ends of a beam can be applied using either Global or Local coordinate systems
-moving load can be specified along the element which allows the "influence lines" analysis
-temperatures can be specified for each node - which allows for analysis of thermal expansion effects

-linear buckling analysis for the specified set of loads
-normal modes and frequencies analysis

-detailed information regarding element loads in a separate window
-graphical presentation of results - including reactions, deformed shape, shear and axial forces, and bending moments and stresses.
-user controlled scale of diagrams for deformed shape and internal loads
-animation of normal modes
-analysis report in PDF or RTF format (or any of the available graphical formats like JPEG, TIF or BMP)

-full customization of colors for almost anything visible on the screen
-adjustment of mouse wheel sensitivity
-adjustment of decimal places for display of applied loads and/or results
-detailed and comprehensive Help system and Manual
Currently the program is limited to 10,000 nodes and 10,000 elements. This is just a limit for the internal data structures, and the performance of the program may not fully support timely solution in case of using large number of nodes/elements.

The material database can currently hold 2,000 different materials, and the sections database can also store 2,000 different sections.

The number of different materials and sections for use in a model is limited to 200 each. if a different material is required and the current number is 200 - some of the materials will need to be deleted in order to create or import new ones. The same applies to sections.

The above limitations are not considered of much practical importance, as in the case of really large models the user will most likely choose different platform for the analysis.
Current capabilities are as follows:
          -linear static analysis
          -application of moving load (analysis of "influence lines")
          -thermal expansion
          -linear buckling
          -normal modes and frequencies
Program features:
Program limitations:
Example screenshot - detailed internal loads for element
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