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Frame Analysis V1.0

Frame Analysis V1.0 is a general application FEM software. It enables the user to rapidly produce a model of a 2D frame, apply the loads and analyse the created structure quickly and efficiently. The program performs linear static analysis, can take into account thermal expansion of structural elements, allows investigation of "influence lines" by application of moving load. It also performs buckling analysis of the loaded structure, and can calculate normal modes and frequencies. The results are automatically presented in a formatted report - and exported to a PDF or RTF file.
Composite Analysis V1.0

Composite Analysis V1.0 is a general composite material application for analysis of composite plates It allows the user to rapidly perform a point stress and falure analysis of a composite material. Loads, enforced strains and thermal loads can be applied. It also performs a buckling solution for a flate rectangular composite plate. The results are presented in a report in rich text format. This can be opened in most word proccessor programs.
Trebuchet Simulator V3.1

Trebuchet Simulator v3.1 is the newest version of a popular trebuchet simulator program Atreb. Currently this is the only simulator in the world which produces realistic predictions of range for all trebuchet configurations. A large number of parameters are taken into account including friction and aerodynamic forces. Data can be entered using either the Imperial or Metric system. It has been used by World Champion Chris Gerow, and it is a popular choice among trebuchet building enthusiasts. Many schools in US use this software for their science education program as a reliable tool which helps students to understand the basics of physics, mechanics and dynamics of motion.
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Trebuchet Simulator 2D Frame FEM
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